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Editekk® provides its customers surface modifications and advanced coatings for multi-functional solutions exploiting Editekk's patented DIS (directed irradiation synthesis) technology.  Value-added functionality and performance can be integrated on any class of material on a variety of surfaces and interfaces.  Modification on complex surfaces and 3D nano and mesostructures is also possible.  

Editekk® founder Dr. Jean Paul Allain has pioneered DIS and continues to develop multi-beam surface modification and transformation technologies.  Research and development is supported through his affiliation as Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

Dr. Allain has also developed in-situ metrology platforms designed to measure materials properties and function in one system. Editekk® develops and markets compact and versatile in-situ tools and solutions for its customers in a variety of applications from basic academic research to high-volume manufacturing applications.

In-situ tools include combining both characterization and synthesis​ in one system.  Editekk's areas of expertise include plasma and radiation effects on a wide class of materials including: refractory metals, low-melting solids, ceramics, composites and semiconductors.

Editekk® is currently developing advanced additive manufacturing technologies to fabricate adaptive and self-healing nano and mesoscale composites along with new quality control models for extreme materials development with Editekk's signature in-situ ​metrology patented technology.

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