Energy driven technologies - Editekk

​  Technology​

​​​Energy Driven Technologies LLC (Editekk®) combines advanced particle-beam technologies to tailor multi-functionality on micro and/or nano-structured coatings, surfaces and interfaces to enhance performance. Advanced synthesis processes are developed at Editekk® with tailor-made advanced processing tools integrated into product lines or designed to a customer's specific needs. 

Surface and interface modification can be applied on either 2 or 3 dimensional structures as well as layered structures. We exploit athermal and non-thermal processes that can tailor micro and nano-scale structures of any type of material depending on the desired application. 

Conventional techniques use lithographic approaches and/or chemical-based technologies for top-down and/or bottom-up nanoscale patterning of surfaces and interfaces. Challenges to these techniques are linked to chemical potentials and materials compatibility as well as high-temperature processing that can limit scalability to high-volume manufacturing levels thus narrowing functional adaptability at low costs.